Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping allows you to cover the whole surface of a vehicle. This provides a fantastic opportunity for ongoing mobile advertising. Using fleet vehicles covered in a business branding allows for ongoing exposure and advertising. Using a striking form of engaging signage, the purpose of vehicle wrapping is to mirror your positive brand identity. Vehicle graphics will make your business instantly recognisable around town and build your profile in the local community. It also allows for ongoing vehicle maintenance. Naturally, vehicles over time will suffer various scratches, chips and general wear and tear damage. Wrapping allows this to be both covered and prevented.

Company vehicles on the road benefit greatly from car graphics and vehicle signage. Eye-catching designs will therefore stick in the minds of passers-by. We also design and produce smaller vehicle decals and stickers. Our wrapping is heated and moulded in accordance with all corrugations of the panels. The vinyl is then comfortably removed at the end of the vehicle’s promotional life. It can be applied as plain vinyl or printed decorative and branded graphics. We can deliver prior estimates and quotes and provide a valuable insight and guidance throughout to ensure you get the best possible design of your vehicle graphics. In addition to offering a full design service, we can work alongside you to make certain we get a strong understanding of the brief for your vehicle wraps.

Here at USsigns we have great experience in a variety of vehicle signage projects and campaigns. Below are some examples of recent cases we have undertaken:

Vehicle Signage

Accommodating an array of alternatives for fitting van graphics, we will always work to your precise specifications. Utilising all available advertising opportunities is crucial in any successful branding campaign. As a unique form of mobile advertising, vehicle signage is no different. For a better understanding of our first-class service, request an online quote today!

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